Join The Movement

It’s time to step up our efforts in the fight against childhood obesity and diet-related health issues. Too many of our children are living in food deserts – communities and situations with little access or exposure to healthy eating. Our mission is twofold; help kids learn simple food basics and what it means to eat healthily and to extend those learnings to parents so they understand how to provide healthy eating on tight budgets.
It all starts with exposing kids to the healthiest of all food – delicious 100% fruit! Fresh fruit - packed with every essential vitamin, mineral, and nutrient is our ammunition in the war on unhealthy eating. We take our message right to the streets by reaching kids in their neighborhoods with 100% fresh fruit smoothies. The kids love it and are excited when they learn they can make a smoothie themselves with a mixture as simple as bananas and strawberries.
While I have their attention with smoothies, I take the opportunity to talk to them about being positive role models in their neighborhoods, caring about what goes into their bodies and encouraging them to think about the future. What we teach in a nutshell is, “You deserve the best food so that you can become the best you packed with the power to work hard & create an amazing life for you to live happily ever after.”
At Operation Desert Smoothie, we identify communities in the inner city and surrounding Chicagoland area considered food deserts. Because of limited grocery shopping options in these areas, many parents have the misconception that healthy choices equate to expensive choices so they often end up purchasing what they consider to be lower-prices snacks, which are usually full of sugar and artificial ingredients. We focus on talking with Moms to show them that it is possible to eat healthy on a tight budget. When people know better, they do better and especially when it involves the well-being of their children.
Operation Desert Smoothies has been very successful already with well over 500 children served last year. But we need to do more. I have personally invested in top equipment and transportation but we need help to keep up the momentum. Your contributions will continue to help pay for fruit, cups, napkins, ice, programming and added necessities.
We will always keep an up to date event schedule with locations so that you can see your support in action and maybe even encourage you to show up and lend a hand.                                              (312) 620-0304